"Shamanic energy of healing is ancient. My soul reverberates with recognition! I remember this experience as I open to the healing, wisdom and Joy. I transform and begin to really enjoy this journey. What a gift! This is priceless. Thanks is not enough. My humble, heartfelt thanks, spoken in joy and awe for this as I regain my enjoyment and wonder of this life."
~ SP


Alisa has the ability to go into altered states of consciousness to bring healing, guidance, and power for her clients. She uses her rattle, drum and voice to access realms of healing to guide clients through a journey of self-discovery. Some of the healing techniques are soul retrieval, soul remembering, release of trauma, cord cutting, connecting with guides and deep healing. Alisa offers personal healing sessions and teaches ancient practices in the Awake In Joy School. 


What is Shamanism?
It is an earth based spirituality that has a deep respect for the natural world and its ecosystem. The Shamanic view is that everything is interrelated and connected. We are related to each other, our planet, animals, plants, rocks, crystals, and all things in nature. We are all living beings. Shamanism recognizes that each person has their own spiritual path and considers spiritual development to be our most important life work. Outside of the 3D, time is not linear, through shamanic travel, we can mend the past and heal the future. Through Shamanic healing we can realize deep transformation within a space of days and weeks rather than months and years. Shamanism is self-realization. The purpose of the journey is to remember our wholeness.

What is Soul Retrieval?
Soul retrieval is a powerful Shamanic tool to transform soul loss from trauma or abuse. A person may not consciously remember the painful event until much later in life. Our mind creates amazing forms of protection. It is the same with soul loss. The part of the self that can't deal with an event, leaves to find safety. When there has been a soul loss a person does not feel fully present or fully in their body. They often feel as though part of them is missing. Or, that an abuser took part of them. The event does not need to be discussed, it is simply healed. Soul retrievals are deeply healing and life changing. Suddenly you feel whole and free.

What is Cord Cutting?
Cord cutting is a powerful Shamanic tool. It is the process of energetically unhooking from etheric cords connected to that which is holding you back. You may have cords connected to people or situations that drain, keep you in the past and limit you from moving forward. Receiving a cord cutting makes you feel lighter, free and empowered. If you simply can not move on from someone in your past or a situation a cord cutting is powerful medicine.

What are Power Animals?
We all have a team of power animals or totem animals, empowering us with their strength and medicine. They carry the qualities we are missing helping us to become whole. Some guides are with you for a lifetime, others come in to support you through a situation or event. Knowing your power animals allows you to develop a deep and meaningful relationship. This enables you to call on them when in need, receive their guidance and energetic gifts.

What are Shamanic Journeys?
A gateway into the Shamanic world is through shamanic journeying. The practitioner and or client are inducted into an altered state of consciousness with the use of of rhythmic drumming or rattling. The Shamanic world is one where nature spirits and guardian spirits communicate to us for self-discovery, guidance, knowledge and healing.

What is the Medicine Wheel?
The Awake In Joy Medicine Wheel is a four-part immersion training in the sacred healing arts of shamanism. It is a year-long program to 3 years depending on the intention of the student. This intensive is for those on a personal quest as well as practitioners wanting to gain tools in shamanic healing to expand their healing practices and knowledge. Throughout the year, we will meet for four 3-day weekend intensives. Each weekend will be dedicated to a different direction of the wheel, offering lessons for each phase of your life. Every weekend is powerful in itself and once the energy of the direction is engaged it works with you deeply for three months until we turn the wheel. Wherever, you are along the spiral of ascending consciousness the energies will meet you and activate what is most important. This is an advanced experiential journey for those who are ready to dive into the depths of self-discovery. Personal empowerment and self-authority will grow throughout this exploration. You will expand your ability to travel within the shamanic realms; providing personal healing, growth and expansion. Each weekend you will sink into a healing energetic that awakens your connection to your higher self. You will begin to re-member. You are held in a high vibration of light so that you can see, own, remember, and step into your highest potential. You will discover your gifts, power, and discover your passion. As your self-love grows, you will allow yourself to give and receive on a deeper level in all areas of your life. Grounded, connected, centered, and Joy, are the results.  Alisa teaches with intuition, realness and humor. She inducts you energetically and then teaches you how to hold and carry what is truly yours.